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I like working big ...

When I was 5, I drew life-sized nudes

of a man and a woman on the front porch in crayon.

Now I create large wall reliefs out of wood and whatever

happen to dream up. Numerous overlapping shapes in

vibrant color, that connect, are put together

like a giant puzzle.

Most of my art is commissioned, and designed to meet a

particular set of parameters. The work can tell a great story

about where it is placed. I enjoy the challenge of invention,

and filling a space with something meaningful - for a

community, a corporation, or a private home. Please see

project descriptions on my site at

Although I now live in the sunshine state, I grew up in the 

midwest. I studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, earning

many scholarships and awards. Upon graduating, I received

a Wilder Fellowship; traveled in Europe for 6 months,

with a show of photographs when I returned.

Currently, my main concentration has been the experience

of creating public art projects installed as the result of

national competitions, through the Percent for Art Program.

I have won 14 of these, along with numerous corporate

and private commissions.

In my spare time, I work on a series of wall reliefs I call

dimensional mosaics. My shimmering opalescent

glass wave "Convergence" moves constantly

in the available light.

Stay tuned, lots more to come.

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